Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned GSA Schedule GS-00F-280DA Seaport-NxG Prime Contractor
              Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned                            GSA Schedule GS-00F-280DA              Seaport-NxG Prime Contractor

Financial Management

Our team of analysts is prepared to reduce risk in investing by providing financial analysis support services, particularly in regard to commercial real estate transactions.  


Cameo's staff assists our clients make wise investment decisions by providing a suite of analysis services in MS excel, including fully customizeable pro forma statements that calculate the net present value and expected internal rate of return by discounting a stream of cash flows over a given time horizon. 


Our analysts also assist with risk quantification by determining probability of loss (and gain) to assist our clients in making the wisest investment decision based on their own unique risk tolerance.  

Our services at a glance:

  • Pro Forma Development
  • Discounted Cash Flows
  • Internal Rate of Return
  • Net Present Value
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